Chris Peckham

Although I am still in the healing mode after my foot surgery, I just wanted to let you all know how much I have appreciated my experience to date. Dr. Thompson is such a great doctor and an even finer gentleman. I cannot express how thankful I am to have had my surgery by him and such professional care from both Trish and Eva. Thank you for being such a classy office and staff. I have (and will in the future) recommended you all to anyone needing similar services. God bless.

Stephanie Davenport

In 2006 I was playing golf and all of a sudden I couldn’t walk on my foot without pain. After several months of pain, I decided to have it checked. I had never been to a foot specialist before and decided to find someone close to my home town. I found Inland Foot & Ankle in Post Falls. I couldn’t believe how they all took such great care of me. It means so much to walk into an office and have the staff not only acknowledge you but treat you as a very special person every time you walk in. Then it was time to see the Doc. Dr T was nothing short of amazing. After x-rays, it was determined that I had a stress fracture. Well, who knew that could even happen for Pete’s sake. I did wait for the golf season to finish before having the surgery to repair this fracture. All I can say is that the team of Staff and Dr T are nothing short of amazing. Every single time I visited this office I was treated with great respect and gentle hands. Thank you for taking such great care of this “Grandma On The Go”. Oh, and I can’t forget how great they all were to my Mama, she fell and broke her ankle and Dr T and Staff took amazing care of her. I have referred my aunt, my Uncle, my Granddaughter, my Mom, my Brother and three friends, who all just love this office and the incredible Dr T. Our tootsies are better because of you. Thank you for taking care of us.

Suzanne Endsley

I came to Dr. Thompson and his staff in January 2015 after suffering a injury to my foot while running in late August, limiting my ability to run and walk without pain. By the time I saw Dr. Thompson, the injury had persisted for five months, with painful plantar fasciitis symptoms. As a competitive and successful triathlete, my 2015 racing season which was kicking off in less than two months with a half ironman in California was in serious question. After an initial evaluation, Dr. Thompson, who as a fellow athlete himself recognized my need to return to normal training as soon as possible, recommended the MLS Laser. I underwent 10 laser sessions with almost immediate results! After the third session, most of my pain was gone and by the last session – just two and half weeks after I had started – I was walking and running with the use of an air sock with zero pain! Through the conscientious care of Dr. Thompson and the outstanding patient care provided by his staff, I successfully completed the half ironman at the end of March, pain-free throughout the race and after. I’m now back to my full ability to run, train and just enjoy being pain-free every day thanks to their support and the MLS Laser.

Pamela Blish

I became a patient of Dr. Thompson in 2005, when I had surgery on my left foot. In 2006 I had the right foot done as well. Both feet had an excellent recovery. I had had a flare up of tendon problems because of over extending the left foot. So, I went back to see Dr. Thompson. I will be forever grateful for his excellent care and his wonderful staff. I was lucky to have found them as care providers. If and when you need them, you can count on Dr. Thompson for great care and accessibility.

It’s been ten years and I feel that I have been expertly cared for each and every time I have seen Dr. Thompson. Thank you Dr. Thompson and staff. I’ve been thankful for your care since day one.

Patricia. A. Lynch

I first met Dr Bryan Thompson and his staff in October 2014; I was seeking a second opinion on my feet. I had lived with bilateral bunions and somewhat deformed feet for many years, always finding some excuse to get them straightened out! I immediately felt that Dr Thompson was my best choice for the procedure, as he very carefully explained to me the risks and the benefits of two different possible surgeries for my particular issues. He took X-rays, showed me on the X-rays and in a visual explanation from the diagram of a foot how he would approach my problems, and believe me it did not look easy!

I had surgery on my left foot the following month having received excellent pre-operative counseling and preparation. I had minimal pain and excellent post operative care. Dr Bryan always had a smile and his staff was very welcoming to me and my family before, during, and after the procedure. On one of my follow up appointments they even loaned me an easier pair of crutches, to help me out. I can testify that they were much more comfortable underneath the arms!

Dr Bryan is a wonderful human being with a great disposition, a very knowledgeable, professional podiatrist and surgeon. I will be going back to him to straighten my right foot in due course. I look forward to once again being under his care. I would highly recommend Dr Bryan Thompson and his clinic staff, not only because I work in the health industry, but it is of paramount importance to me that I give other friends, neighbors, colleagues the best possible experience when it comes to their health and well-being.